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About Froggy 95 WFGI myfroggy95.com

Country music is the #1 format in radio and is programmed by stations nationwide more than any other format. Froggy 95 holds an exclusive audience, with listeners who are very loyal to the station. Froggy is a family oriented station that appeals to cross generations: children, teens, young adults, and mature adults all love jumpin' with Froggy 95.


Program Director (WFGI): Lara Mosby
Email: lmosby@myfroggy95.com

News Director (WFGI): Rick Shepard
Email: rshepard@foreverradio.com

Stats and Info

  • Reaches a core audience of 25-54 year old adults
  • 58% of the audience is female, while 42% is male
  • Median income of a country music listener is $45,000