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Titusville woman charged with Identity Theft

Submitted Mon, 10/28/2013 - 6:58am by Andy Alm

OIL CITY – A Titusville woman has been charged with Identity Theft, Stalking, and Harassment.  Twenty-eight-year-old Jessica Elaine Kelly is facing the charges for allegedly creating a fake Facebook account and impersonating another woman, and using that fake Facebook account to harass her own mother. 

Oil City Police obtained search warrants for both the Facebook account and the Armstrong IP address from which it was being operated.  They determined the IP address belonged to the estranged husband of the woman Kelly was impersonating, who happened to be Kelly’s live-in boyfriend.

The Facebook activity took place between November of 2012 and April of 2013.

Oil City Police are reminding the community that using another person’s identity for any crime is identity theft… it doesn’t necessarily have to be a crime of monetary gain.