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Titusville residents threatened by gunman

Submitted Mon, 03/18/2013 - 6:52am by Andy Alm

CORRY – Corry State Police are investigating a weekend incident in which a man allegedly pointed a gun at two people after signaling for them to pull over.

Investigators say a man and a woman from Titusville were driving on a country road very early Sunday morning when a man in the car behind them flashed his lights in an apparent attempt to get them to pull over.  They complied, and the man allegedly stepped out of his vehicle and pointed a gun at them.

The pair managed to get away unharmed.  This incident took place on Buells Corner Road in Rome Township.  Police are seeking information from the public about this incident.  If you have any clues, you can reach Corry State Police at 814-663-2043.

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