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Tax plan submitted, says CLP board president

Submitted Thu, 05/09/2013 - 8:17am by Andy Alm

CONNEAUT LAKE – The man in charge of Conneaut Lake Park says an offer has been submitted for the repayment of over 870-thousand dollars in back taxes.

“We have an offer in to the county officials, and we are kind of waiting for a response there,” says Jack Moyers, president of the Board of Trustees at the park.

Conneaut Lake Park has been battling tax debt since at least 1997.  Moyers says county officials have received a plan as requested, for paying the debts.  As for the details of that plan though, nobody is talking.

“I can’t roll that offer out publicly, and then have them come back with something else.  This is not something that’s done in public.  You do this behind closed doors, at a meeting where you can hash things out.  You can throw different balls on the table and see what sticks.”

Moyers gave an impromptu press conference outside the park office last night, ahead of a private meeting with the Park Restoration Company, which runs the Beach Club and Hotel. 

We were told the topic of that meeting was an alleged breach of contract on the part of Park Restoration, and debts Moyers says they owe to the park.  However, Moyers would not confirm any specifics on exactly what was going on.

Crawford County Commissioners at their last meeting indicated that they were not aware of any tax plan yet from the park, although Moyers said it’s possible they haven’t seen it yet, since it was not submitted directly to the commissioners, only to a county official whom Moyers declined to identify,

Commissioners say if an acceptable payment plan is not agreed upon by September, the park will be put up for tax sale, potentially compromising the investments of the dozens of lessees and other stakeholders at the historic amusement park in Summit Township.

The park is scheduled to open for the season at 4pm on Friday, May 24th.

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