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Stray dog finds new home after being shot five times

Submitted Fri, 02/01/2013 - 7:17am by Andy Alm

UNION TWP. – Another tragic case of animal abuse in Crawford County, but this one has a happy ending.  It started on Wednesday when Union Township resident Cameron Guffey arrived at his home on Towpath Road after work.

“I came home and found a stray dog lying at the base of my steps with five bullet holes in it.”

The dog, a coon hound Guffey calls Rusty, was shot five times with a low caliber gun.

“He was shot in the left rear leg, the left front leg, and the chest.  My first reaction was to get the bleeding stopped, and get him into the Cochranton vet’s.”

Rusty required several operations to remove the bullets and drain fluid in his chest.  Amazingly, just a few hours of surgery and one great big funnel collar later, and Rusty was back on his feet.  And that means a new family member for Cam Guffey, his girlfriend Bonnie, and their 7-year-old daughter.

“We got him home from the vet today and he just seems back to normal, running around, and playing.  So, we’ll probably keep him and adopt him at this point.”

Next stop for Guffey was the State Police, who said they would look into the shooting.

“They said they’d probably come out and interview some of the neighbors to see if they heard anything, but, you know, I am in such a remote area, my neighbor I talked to said she didn’t even hear any gunshots that morning.”

Anyone with information can call the Meadville barracks at 814-332-6911.

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