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Roae proposes solution for Edinboro’s budget woes

Submitted Wed, 10/16/2013 - 8:47am by Andy Alm

EDINBORO – Sixth District State Representative Brad Roae believes he has the solution to Edinboro University’s budget dilemma.  In a letter Roae sent out to more than four dozen people including the Edinboro University board of trustees, union officials, administrators, and student government as well as the statewide PASSHE board, APSCUF union, and Chancellor, the Crawford County lawmaker outlined a plan he said would save the school four million dollars while sparing the forty faculty jobs that are on track to be cut given the current budget situation.

Roae’s plan has four parts.  It includes freezing the annual so-called increment step increases for professors.  This means professors would only get one pay raise instead of two.  Roae points out that most employers don’t give raises at all in a tough economy.

The plan would also suspend paid sabbaticals for a couple of years, saving the school an estimated one to two million dollars.

Roae wants full-time professors to have 15 classroom hours instead of the current 12, pointing out that high school teachers spend about 30 hours a week in the classroom. 

And the fourth step would involve suspending all non-emergency construction.  Roae criticized the recent construction of a $5-million dollar 700 foot long elevated enclosed walkway.  He said students learn from professors, not buildings.

It seems university officials are unwilling to seriously consider Roae’s ideas.  Roae tells us his letter was answered by only two people out of four dozen recipients.