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Rep. Roae Supports “Paycheck Protection” Measures

Submitted Mon, 04/07/2014 - 8:14am by Andy Alm

HARRISBURG – State Representative Brad Roae, from the 6th legislative district in Crawford County, is speaking out in favor of so-called “paycheck protection” legislation in Pennsylvania.  So far a total of eight county governments in the state have passed resolutions in favor of the legislation, which is enjoying broad support among conservatives in both the state House and Senate, but is strongly opposed by Democrats and labor union leaders.

As Roae explains, the legislation would lift the obligation on public sector employers to do payroll deductions for union dues and political campaign contributions.

“If somebody works for the school district, and they want to donate, say, ten dollars per paycheck to the PSEA campaign fund, the school district has to collect money from the paychecks, they have to account for it all, and they have to write a check to the PSEA campaign fund.  Same thing for the union dues.  Taxpayers should not be paying taxes to pay for administrative people at the county, or at the school board, or wherever, to do campaign work.”

Roae points out that legislators have been put in jail for using taxpayer money to do campaign work.

Lehigh, Berks, Cumberland, Lancaster, Schuylkill, Snyder, Tioga, and most recently Blair county governments have issued proclamations in support of some sort of paycheck protection legislation.

And the movement is likely to continue to grow, with 53 of Pennsylvania’s 67 county governments controlled by Republicans.