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Prescription Drug Discount Program Approved

Submitted Fri, 04/04/2014 - 7:51am by Andy Alm

CRAWFORD COUNTY – Crawford County residents will soon be able to save money on their prescription drugs.  Commissioners approved a new prescription discount program during Thursday’s regular county meeting.  The program is called CVS Caremark and was offered through the National Association of Counties, which Crawford joined in 2012.

“The discount card program is supposed to help residents save money on their prescription medications anytime their prescriptions are not covered by their insurance.  The free cards will be distributed in the sponsoring county, and may be used at any participating pharmacy.”

Brittany Johnston from the Crawford County Human Resources Office explains that the cards are expected to save residents an average of 24 percent on prescriptions not covered by insurance.  Caremark negotiates with participating pharmacies to make this possible.  A number of large chain as well as independent pharmacies participate.  The idea is that people will be more inclined to visit those stores and make unrelated purchases while they are there.

The county receives a small kickback as well.  One dollar per prescription filled using the cards.  Commissioners Thursday said those funds will be earmarked for recreational programs in the county.

It will take eight to ten weeks before the cards will actually become available to Crawford County residents.  Officials are planning to hold a kickoff event of some sort in June.