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Plum township takes aim at Chapmanville VFD at public meeting

Submitted Fri, 11/02/2012 - 7:47am by Andy Alm

CHAPMANVILLE — It looks like the beginning of the end for the current board of directors of the Chapmanville Volunteer Fire Department.  At a packed public meeting in the fire hall last night, Glen Williams, chairman of the Plum Township Supervisors laid it out in no uncertain terms: step down, all of you, or face decertification as a department.  And if the sentiments of the people in that room last night were any indication, most of Williams’ constituents would agree.

“They have stolen money.  There’s money missing.  They don’t think they have to answer to anyone,” said one disgruntled woman in attendance.

Another added, “We need somebody in charge of the finances we can trust!”

At the heart of the issue are allegations of financial mismanagement by the current board, specifically some 30-thousand dollars that are unaccounted for.  The department is currently under audit from the state.  Nothing was officially resolved at last night’s meeting, but a second meeting, planned for 6pm Sunday at the same fire hall, will likely see the resignation of the entire board.  Wern Cook and Roger Sterling will be appointed Chief and President, respectively, replacing Kelly and Kevin Keener.  Township officials are explected to fill some of the remaining positions, says Plum Township Supervisor Glen Williams.

“We would like to have one township supervisor from Troy and one from Plum to be on the board of directors.  We would like to have our secretary step in as secretary and treasurer, at least temporarily.”

Williams says the current board has agreed to step down from their elected positions.  What remains unclear is whether they will be able to remain in the department as firefighters.  Williams says that’s something that will be up to the new board.

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