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Plans underway for Pennsylvania Running of the Bulls

Submitted Tue, 08/13/2013 - 7:50am by Andy Alm

BERKS COUNTY, PA – Every once in a while, you hear a story that you think can’t possibly be true, but…. Get ready for this… there are plans for a Pennsylvania version of the Running of the Bulls.

It’s an annual event in Pamplona, Spain and the visuals thrill and make millions cringe. Now, organizers are planning a running of the bulls in Berks County. Participants will be required to accept the risk of being trampled, gored, rammed or tripped…Rob Dickens is one of the organizers of the Great Bull Run.

“That’s the draw of the event.  You know, there’s no famous event called ‘Walking Down the Sidwalk,’” Dickens says.

The animals, of course, dont sign a waiver. One of the rules of the event is that participants cannot mistreat the bulls, But Nancy Botella, an agent with the Large Animal Protection Society, is skeptical that can be enforced

“There’s going to be some people — some of these daring participants — who are going to be taunting the bulls, probably poking at them… pulling their tails,” says Botella.

Dickens says his event has to satisfy federal and state livestock regulations, and thats being handled by a rodeo company supplying the bulls.