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Park Restoration accuses Conneaut Lake Park board of excluding them from Travel Channel work

Submitted Fri, 07/19/2013 - 9:35am by Andy Alm

CONNEAUT LAKE – Park Restoration, LLC, is taking aim once again at the Board of Trustees at Conneaut Lake Park, this time with regard to the new Travel Channel series set to be filmed there.  Park Restoration is Greg Sutterlin’s company – manager of the Beach Club and Hotel Conneaut, which leases space from the park.

A letter from Sutterlin allegedly sent to the Attorney General’s office was made available to Forever Broadcasting.  It claims Park Restoration was intentionally excluded from helping with the Travel Channel production, which will focus on improving the park.

The letter states that the Trustees did not inform Park Restoration of plans with the Travel Channel.  It further claims that Park Board Chairman Jack Moyers called Juanita Hampton with the Crawford County Visitor’s Bureau and specifically instructed her to not include the Hotel Conneaut on a list of recommended hotels for Travel Channel guests.

When contacted this morning, Hampton declined to comment on the matter.

A call placed to Jack Moyers of the Board of Conneaut Lake Park Trustees was not immediately returned.

The letter calls for the removal of the entire park board, claiming that they failed to act in good faith on behalf of a group that provides them a significant amount of revenue.  It’s not the first accusation of its kind from Sutterlin’s group.

Filming for the Travel Channel series is set to run July 29th through August 3rd.