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Meadville City Council addresses parking ordinance

Submitted Thu, 07/18/2013 - 9:04am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE – The Meadville Parking Subcommittee addressed council last night with an update on efforts to remove business owners and employees from metered parking spaces downtown, making them instead rent a space in the city garage.

Councilwoman Nancy Mangilo-Bittner says, “We have determined that we have enough parking spaces in the garage, city-owned lots, and private lots to accommodate the employees and the owners that are currently parking in metered spaces.  We recommended to council on June 19th that we put a letter on the windshield, first of all thanking them for participating in the parking survey, and second, requesting them to call the city and obtain a space.”

Two new renters were confirmed. Seven are awaiting corporate approval, and another two still need to be finalized since July first.

Mangilo Bittner says she hopes people will rent a parking space voluntarily, but says there are still a few that will need a little talking-to.

“We might have to meet with some other known violators to kind of convince them to call city hall.  We really want them to do it voluntarily, because if they do it voluntarily, it’s going to work better.”

The new parking ordinance will free up space for customers in the downtown area.  Development of the ordinance began in the winter after a study revealed workers occupying downtown spaces could be discouraging customers from visiting local businesses.  Although July is supposed to be a grace period for the new regulation, people have been getting letters on their windshields and enforcement staff have begun collecting license plate information from workers who plug downtown meters.