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Local schools deemed "low achieving" by state Education Department

Submitted Tue, 07/31/2012 - 8:09am by Andy Alm

Several local schools have earned the unenviable distinction of being deemed low achievers by the state Education Department.  The Department released its list of low achieving schools last week, where low to moderate income children will be eligible for scholarships to attend a participating public or private school.


The schools must receive formal notification by tomorrow.

Once the schools get that formal notice, they have 15 days to notify parents of the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.


Families must meet certain income guidelines.


Locally, schools on the list include the Crawford Central School District’s Cochranton Area Elementary, Meadville High, Neason Hill, and First District Schools, as well as Oil City Area Senior High and Hasson Heights Elementary in Venango County.


Malcom Glenn of the American Federation for Children, says it’s a great expansion of choice and a great indication that there’s a real need for options, because there are so many kids in low performing schools across the state. He says they were not surprised by the number of schools on the list.


The state Department of Community and Economic Development is finalizing the regulations and guidelines for the program and the state education department says affected schools will have to post application information on their websites.