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Local beekeepers mingle with Pennsylavnia Honey Queen

Submitted Tue, 08/20/2013 - 7:55am by Andy Alm


Pictured: 1. Linesville area beekeeper Charlie Vorisek with his display at the Crawford County Fair.

2. State Representative Brad Roae with Honey Queen Elena Hoffman.

MEADVILLE – Pennsylvania Honey Queen Elena Hoffman made a stop at the Crawford County Fair on Monday while making her rounds across the state.  Hoffman, a Union County native, spent most of her time at the Vorisek’s Backyard Bee Farm booth in Home Show Building #2.

“Cathy Vorisek has a ton of honey for sale, and they are also giving out samples of 15 different kinds of honey for kids or adults who want to try it,” said Hoffman.

Charlie Vorisek, who happens to be president of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association, has been running his bee farm in the Linesville area for about 20 years.  He says honey has benefits beyond just being a delicious natural sweetener.

“It also has local pollens and enzymes in it.  It is a good health food product.  People use it medicinally to help with allergies and common coughs.  Honey can be as effective as cough syrup for small cough cases.”

The flavor of the honey, and the health benefits, of course, depend on what kinds of flowers the bees are pollinating.  At Vorisek’s booth, you can taste everything from apple and pumpkin honey, to more exotic flavors including orange blossom honey from Florida and Japanese Bamboo honey.