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Krista Geer named new Crawford County Active Aging boss

Submitted Thu, 11/08/2012 - 9:13am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE — Crawford County’s leading agency providing services to the elderly has a new boss.  Krista Geer, of Sigel, PA, took over for Donna Stimpson on November 1st as Executive Director of Active Aging.  Geer will work with Stimpson for two months and is slated to assume full responsibility January 1st.

“Ive never started anywhere that I’ve felt more welcomed.  The people here are great.  Donna’s done a trmendous job of building a tremendous staff,” Geer said.

Geer brings over 20 years of experience managing care for seniors and others in their homes.  She most recently served as the Executive Director of Guardian Home and Community Services, and served briefly with the Jefferson County Area Agency on Aging.

Geer says raising funds for services needed by the region’s elderly will be a top priority in her tenure at Active Aging.

“There’s certainly more draw on the monies that everyone needs, so, we’re trying to make the slice of pie go around.”

As for soon-to-be-retired Active Aging boss Donna Stimpson, she says she is working with Miss Geer to break her into the agency.

“When I started here, what Krista said about the staff is really the way I felt when I started here 17 years ago.  It’s part of our local culture.  Folks come, they care, and they stay.”

Asked about her retirement plans, Stimpson said they include traveling and creative writing… then she dropped this bombshell:

“My real secret ambition is to be a stand-up comic.”

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