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Franklin Police: man drives drunk on his way to DUI court hearing

Submitted Mon, 01/06/2014 - 9:46am by Andy Alm

FRANKLIN – A forty-nine-year-old man from Bedford, PA will be facing drunk driving charges for an accident in Franklin last week.  Douglas Basham was traveling east on Route 322, coming from the Cochranton area on Thursday morning.  Once inside the city limits, Basham attempted to turn right onto Atlantic Avenue but did not make the turn correctly and ended up striking a parked car.  Basham told officers he fell asleep at the wheel.  Officers noticed he was under the influence and have charged him accordingly. 

Basham happened to be on his way to the Venango Coutny Courthouse for a hearing for a previous charge of DUI.  Franklin Police released him to the Venango County Sheriff’s Department on a warrant for failing to appear for his scheduled court hearing.