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Former inmate says she was abused at Crawford County Jail

Submitted Fri, 11/16/2012 - 7:25am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE – Crawford County Commissioners have agreed to pursue an independent investigation of conditions at the County Jail after a former inmate came out with scathing claims of abuse at yesterday’s Commissioners’ meeting.  Thirty-four-year-old Meadville resident Kathern White was jailed for 42 days for missing a court date on a welfare fraud conviction earlier this year.

She said during that time she was subjected to horrific abuse and neglect that left her with lingering medical complications.  While in jail, White claimed she had over 30 seizures, and instead of summoning medical help, the guards laughed at her and filmed it.

White detailed one specific incident in which she said, “I was going to the bathroom, and I didn’t get my pants up, and I fell and had a seizure.  And when I came to, there were men and women standing in my cell, several men, with my pants down.  They didn’t cover me.  They taped it.”

“I have had to listen to guards make jokes about the jail’s funniest videos,” White said, because, “they taped me having seizures, and they laughed at them.”

She said the abuse left her with chronic migraine headaches, and other complications.

“I have migraines now from hitting the floor so hard from seizures.  I have busted my head, and nothing was done.”

And White claimed nurses and other workers swept her complaints under the rug.

County Commissioners agreed to call for an independent review of the jail at the next Prison Board Meeting, which is scheduled for December 13th.

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