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Five-year-old Boy Honored For Rescuing Family In Meadville House Fire

Submitted Thu, 04/17/2014 - 7:46am by Andy Alm

Landyn, wearing red, behind bike.

MEADVILLE – At the tender age of five, Landyn Hines is getting more recognition than most people get in a lifetime.  At last night’s Meadville City Council meeting, young Landyn was publicly honored for his efforts to save his family during a fire on Arch Street late last month.

“The 5-year-old gentleman rescued his family my alerting them that their smoke detector was going off in the downstairs of their house, on March 28th,” said Meadville Fire Chief Tunie Hedrick.

Landyn walked away from the meeting last night with a brand new bike and a medal.  His brother got a scooter.

“His quick actions, and doing stuff that he had learned from the firefighters in school, helped save his family’s life.”

Landyn was a little shy with the radio mic in front of his face.  But his dad John Hines told us his version of what happened.

“I woke up at about 5:45 in the morning, and Landyn said he heard a bunch of noises downstairs, and the smoke alarms were going off.  I went downstairs, and the living room was already halfway engulfed in flames.”

Hines said his son knew a few things about fire safety.

“He went to Meadville Children’s Center up at the college during Fire Prevention Week.  So, he knew not to open the door, not to do anything like that.  He just woke us up and told us about the fire, and luckily we all got out alive.”

The Hines family ended up losing everything in the fire, including two dogs, but all human occupants made it out alive.

The fire was ruled accidental, the result of a malfunctioning kerosene heater.