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Edinboro University budget cuts will impact student clubs, jobs

Submitted Thu, 05/02/2013 - 8:02am by Andy Alm

EDINBORO – Budget cuts at a local university will have some serious consequences for some student organizations.  Faced with declining enrollment and a projected shortfall of half a million dollars, Edinboro University’s Student Government Association had to make some tough decisions.  And that meant, among other things, eliminating all paid staff at the university’s student newspaper, radio station and television station, as well as zero funding to many student clubs, mainly in the theater, film, and art departments, and significant cuts to the university’s annual summer festival, the Highland Games.

Student Government President Andre Roberts says he expects the award-winning campus paper, the Spectator, to survive despite the job cuts.

“We’re still trying to think of ways and incentives for students to volunteer for campus media as well, to keep it alive.”

But Meagen Finnerty, the Spectator’s Editor in Chief, says without a staff, there will almost certainly be no paper.

“I think that if the budget goes through, the media on this campus will disappear.”

And over at the campus radio station, News Director Jeff Snyder says employment, rather than just volunteering, makes a big difference not only in the wallet, but on the resume.

“It’s one thing to volunteer somewhere, but it’s another to actually do hands-on work that you are paid for.” 

Roughly 29 student jobs will be lost with the cuts.

The reason for the cuts is a drop in enrollment, resulting in less revenue from student activity fees. 

Spectator editor Meagen Finnerty says she has some indication the Communications and Journalism departments may try to find funds for campus media if SGA funds are cut, but there is no confirmation that this is the case.

The budget awaits final approval by the university president.

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Pictured: Editor in Chief Meagen Finnerty and Managing Editor Amanda Cuteri of EUP's newspaper The Spectator.