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Edinboro University allows concealed carry

Submitted Wed, 05/15/2013 - 8:25am by Andy Alm

EDINBORO – Edinboro University has joined six other state-owned schools in Pennsylvania to allow concealed-carry on campus.  Of course, the privilege would be granted only to those with the necessary permit, and only in the outdoor areas – not in any buildings. 

Opinions vary widely among students and faculty… graduate student Cam Ferranti tells us he’s ok with the measure… saying not much has really changed.

“The way I see it, you can already have concealed carry everywhere in town, so what’s the difference if there’s also less than a dozen acres where you can also do it?  I think the sort of person who would perpetrate a campus shooting is not the sort of person that’s concerned about whether it’s OK to legally carry on campus.”

And Cory Byknish says as long as gun owners are responsible, he doesn’t see it as much of a problem either.

“As long as it does not come out, and you can trust the students, I see no problem with it.”

But these guys are at odds with the State System of Higher Education, which has asked the schools in question to hold off on the gun issue until it is reviewed by a safety task force.  So far there’s no word on whether the schools will honor that request.  The new weapons policy took effect in December.