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Crawford County Sheriff to take over courthouse security duties

Submitted Fri, 07/06/2012 - 7:21am by Andy Alm

A much-anticipated resolution on security at the Crawford County Courthouse is passed by the Board of Commissioners on Thursday.  The resolution gives county officials a 90-day window to work out the details of a new security policy.

Currently, the front door security and metal detector operation is handled by a team of four civilian security guards.  With the new policy, those duties will be handled by Sheriff’s deputies.  Commissioner Chairman Francis Weiderspahn says unless the current guards obtain the certification needed to become deputies, their positions will be cut:

“They do have the option, if they want to, to go through the qualifications, if they want to, to apply for that, but their positions are being eliminated.”

Weiderspahn says the cost increase that will come with using Sheriff’s deputies is justified:

“The deputies’ rate is a little higher than what these gentlemen are making, but it is also a higher grade of security, so we feel that’s a necessary move.”