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Crawford County Prothonotary to collect percentage of passport fees

Submitted Fri, 04/05/2013 - 9:42am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE – Crawford County Prothonotary Emmy Arnett will now be compensated extra for her passport processing function.  Commissioners on Thursday approved a measure that effectively split her passport role into a separate position, with a separate, part-time salary.

As Passport Acceptance Manager, Arnett will be paid 33-percent of the revenue collected by the county in the form of passport processing fees, to be capped at a maximum of ten thousand annually.  Passports have generated an average of around 20-thousand dollars a year between 2008 and the present date.

The Crawford County Salary Board approved Arnett’s compensation by a 3-to-one vote.  The dissenting vote belonged to Crawford County Treasurer Christine Krysiak.  Arnett maintained that her workload has gone up since the Meadville Post Office stopped processing passports earlier this year, but Krysiak told her she doesn’t agree with dipping into funds that would otherwise be earmarked for county revenue.

“We should be looking at money going out at the end of the year for a position.  This isn’t something that has to be created right at this time.  If we want to put it in for next year, that’s what my thought was.  Ok, we’ll look at it at that point, and work it out.  That’s why I’m not for putting it in right now,” Krysiak said.

To be fair, Krysiak herself has a similar arrangement.  In addition to her 60-thousand dollar a year job as Treasurer, she also heads up the Tax Claim Bureau, at an additional salary of around 14-thousand.  Meanwhile the County Commissioners each make 64-thousand a year.

The Treasurer and Prothonotary have each gotten yearly cost-of-living raises.  Raises have also been due to the Commissioners, but they have elected to freeze their salaries at 2011 levels for now.

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