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Crawford County Office of Emergency Services transforms county into “SafeTown”

Submitted Wed, 03/13/2013 - 7:20am by Andy Alm

CRAWFORD COUNTY – Crawford County residents can feel safer this morning thanks to a high-tech new program being adopted by the county’s 911 Center.  It’s called SafeTown.  Residents can log onto a website and upload any information that a 911 dispatcher might find relevant about their particular situation in case of an emergency.  As Crawford County 911 Director Kevin Nicholson explains, this could be just about anything.

“With SafeTown, we are now able to get specific, user-entered information that the user wants us to see.  This could be something that the user wants us to see.  This could be something about the user that lives their, animals that live their, the location of keys that they hide for emergency responders to get in.”

Nicholson says this user-entered data will compliment the basic information a dispatcher already sees, such as name, street address, and phone number.

“With specific information, we will be able to help people with specific problems.  They could have a couple of aggressive dogs in the house, or something like that.”

Nicholson says security is a top priority.  He says dispatchers will only be able to see a person’s information if that person is calling 911.

“The only way this information can be accessed is by dialing 911, or I suspect, getting a court order.”

SafeTown was developed by the dispatch center’s existing software provider and it’s being implemented at no additional cost to the county.  Participation in the program is strictly voluntary. Crawford County is only the fourth emergency services agency in the country to adopt SafeTown, which went live yesterday.  For more information or to sign up go to crawfordpa.safetown.org.

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