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Crawford County Commissioners consider smoke-free parks proposal

Submitted Wed, 05/01/2013 - 8:18am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE – An official at Titusville Hospital wants Crawford County to jump on board in the fight against second hand smoke.  At a meeting on Tuesday, Paula Kerr, Tobacco Cessation Coordinator invited the County Commissioners to join a state Health Department program called “Young Lungs at Play,” aimed at creating tobacco-free parks. In order to join, the county would have to pick at least one public park where children frequently play, and enact a complete ban on tobacco products. 

In exchange, the county would get a number of signs, free of charge, stating that the park is tobacco free, and providing contact information for a state-run smoking cessation program.

Both Commissioner Jack Lynch and County Human Resources Director Mark Lessig expressed interest in enacting a tobacco ordinance.  Lessig jokingly remarked that there’s so much smoking in Diamond Park, there might as well be a tobacco grower’s co-op out there. 

Lynch cited Woodcock Lake Park, formerly Colonel Crawford Park, as a possible option for a tobacco ban.

Other agencies in Crawford County to participate in Young Lungs at play include the City Of Titusville, the Titusville School District, and the Titusville YWCA.  There is also a similar ordinance on the books in Oil City, according to Kerr.