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Crawford County’s MedReturn Program Off To A Fast Start

Submitted Tue, 04/08/2014 - 9:12am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE — District Attorney Francis J. Schultz announced that the county’s medication collection box program collected 163.5 pounds of unwanted prescription and over-the-counter-medications since the program started in late December.

“Our county received five medication collection boxes through the PA MedReturn program. The participating law enforcement agencies have provided a convenient and safe way for people to dispose of their unused medications. Citizens throughout the county now have places where they can go to get rid of their unwanted medications,” stated District Attorney Schultz.

“There is a MedReturn box located in the Crawford County Courthouse and one at the Conneaut Lake Regional Police Department, the Linesville Police Department, the Titusville Police Department and the West Mead Police Department. Hats off to Sheriff Nick Hoke, Chief Todd Pfeifer, Chief Rob Johnston, Chief Gary Thomas and Chief Chip Brown for participating in the program,” added DA Schultz.

“I hope that residents will continue to utilize the collection boxes. It’s important that these unwanted medications do not end up in the wrong hands or in our water supply,” said Schultz.

The PA MedReturn boxes accept: prescription and over-the-counter solid medications (tablets and capsules); liquid medications, inhalers, creams and ointments, nasal sprays and pet medications. The boxes will NOT accept: intravenous solutions, injectable solutions or needles.