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Crawford Career Center to lose math program

Submitted Thu, 05/17/2012 - 7:03am by Andy Alm


At the start of the coming academic year, mathematics will be a thing of the past at the Crawford County Career and Technical Institute, formerly the Crawford Vo-Tech.  The board of directors met last night and voted to eliminate the math program.

The school’s director, Neil Donovan, refused to be recorded for the radio, but told us the move would be necessary to maintain a zero increase budget.  Donovan said students can take math at their home high schools.

The decision means the district’s two math teachers will face layoffs.  Ted Watts, an attorney with the board, said the teachers might have opportunities at sending schools, adding that it’s not absolute, just a possibility. 

Donovan sees the cuts as a good long-term decision.

“Our long range goal is to continue to provide an excellent technical education,” Donovan said.