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Convicted felon as jail doctor "unconscionable," residents say

Submitted Tue, 08/14/2012 - 7:25am by Andy Alm

More people are raising questions about Dr. Richard Moran.  The Linesville physician remains on the Crawford County payroll as the chief medical professional at the jail despite his recent conviction on felony charges he cheated on his tax returns to the tune of some 400-thousand dollars.

"You, the taxpayer, will indeed be paying or contributing to his reimbursement to the IRS and his attorneys," says Meadville resident Connie Lee.

Crawford County Prisoner's Rights Advocate Sam Byrd says addressing the Prison Board on the issue is difficult, because of restrictions placed upon public comment when the Board meets.  Byrd says public comment is limited to items on the agenda at each given meeting.

"And you can't talk about anything else, period.  So there's really no avenue to address those issues that are a concern."

Byrd added that it's extremely distressing to have a convicted felon practicing medicine at the jail.

"It's unfathomable to me that you continue to be able to practice in a profession where you make money and we pay you.  I find that just unconscionable."

Forever Broadcasting messages left in print and over the telephone for Francis Schultz, head of the Crawford County Prison Board, were not immediately returned.  The Prison Board is scheduled to hold its next meeting the morning of August 23rd.

Moran awaits sentencing in October.