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Conneaut Lake Park's "Holiday of Lights" not happening this year

Submitted Thu, 11/22/2012 - 7:26am by Andy Alm

CONNEAUT LAKE – Conneaut Lake Park’s annual drive-through light display, the so-called “Holiday of Lights,” will not be happening this year. The trouble can be traced back to ongoing problems between the parks court-appointed Board of Trustees, and a group that calls itself Park Restoration, LLC, which leases the Beach Club and Hotel Conneaut.  Park Restoration’s Greg Sutterlin says his group recently submitted a proposal to run the light display, and was turned down.

“We asked the board, would we be able to do Holiday of Lights.  They took forever to give us an answer and finally said no, you are rejected.”

The board told Sutterlin he wasn’t up to date with reports he was required to file in relation to his lease, but Sutterlin says that’s not true.  He called it “an excuse,” and accused the board of having “hatred” for Park Restoration group.

It’s not the first time the board has shut down Sutterlin’s plans.  Last winter, when Sutterlin submitted a proposal to manage the rides and midway attractions at the park, it too was rejected.  Sutterlin says he has proposed many ideas which he felt could make the park money, which have been turned down.  Sutterlin adds that financial records have not been released to his expectations, even though the park is some 800-thousand dollars in debt.  He is accusing the board of mismanagement and calling for a complete resignation.

“The only way for this park to survive is for the trustees to resign.”

A call placed to Jack Moyers, president of the Board of Trustees, was not immediately returned.

In the meantime, Sutterlin tells us there will be a limited light display near the Beach Club and along the lakeshore, but it won’t be a drive-through attraction, as it has been in years past.

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