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Conneaut Lake Park court proceedings drag on

Submitted Mon, 01/27/2014 - 11:13am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE — In what seems like one delay after another, we’re learning that it may be as long as five months before we learn  any more about the negligence lawsuit against Conneaut Lake Park.  Claiming the park’s board of trustees betrayed their duties to serve and protect the park, the Pennsylvania Attorney General is seeking to have them removed and held accountable for fire damage at the Beach Club and Dreamland Ballroom, which the board failed to insure against fires.

But in a 9am status conference in Crawford County Court, Judge Anthony Vardaro granted the state’s request for a five month “discovery schedule” to review the park’s finances and decide where to proceed.  Vardaro indicated that the schedule could be extended even further if needed.  The park apparently has turned over financial records dating to the present board’s installation date in 2007 for the state’s review.

The Attorney General claims the park intentionally made business decisions that hurt the park’s chances for success, including failure to have fire insurance on the property.

Meanwhile a tax sale in September threatens to close down the park entirely if the board fails to cough up nearly a million dollars in overdue taxes.