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Cochranton teen heads to Erie for Holstein breeders' event

Submitted Thu, 01/31/2013 - 7:28am by Andy Alm

ERIE – Junior members of the Pennsylvania Holstein Association are meeting at the Ambassador Center in Erie tomorrow for a weekend-long convention.  They will participate in a variety of contests to test their knowledge of the breed, along with public speaking and writing skills.

Nineteen-year-old Cochranton native Shelby Proctor is now away at college in Lock Haven, but still finds time to participate.

“It gives you another opportunity, if you’re not able to participate in sporting events or other things with your school.  A lot of farm kids, if they can’t compete at school, they can do this, and being part of this association, they can compete at the state level, and then you can even participate at the national level.”

She says many of the skills she’s learned and connections she’s made in the Holstein Association have helped her in her studies.

“You learn how to be a really hard worker by being involved in this organization, and also by doing chores on the farm.  And I’ve learned that you need to have a lot of hard work to get through college.”

Proctor is among about 25 youth members in Crawford County.

It’s been six years since the statewide convention was last held in our region.  Along with contests, participants can be recognized for their hands on work with dairy cattle breeding and production accomplishments.  The Holstein Association is dedicated to the promotion of the Holstein cattle breed and the furtherance of the dairy industry in Pennsylvania.  They’re currently asking for donations and sponsorships.  You can contact them at 814-234-0364 or go to PA Holsteins dot com.

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