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CLP threatens lawsuit against Park Restoration

Submitted Wed, 05/08/2013 - 8:51am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE – Conneaut Lake Park is threatening to file suit against the operator of the Beach Club and Hotel Conneaut.  A writ of summons was filed in Crawford County Court threatening legal action against Greg Sutterlin and Steve Popovich, of Park Restoration, LLC.  The park’s attorney, Brian Pulito, claims Park Restoration is in violation of its management and lease contracts with the Park’s Trustees.

“The Beach Club is run by a management agreement, the hotel by a lease.  Under both of those agreements, it is the park’s position that Park Restoration is in breach of contract,” Pulito says.

Pulito refused to release details of the lawsuit, but said it has nothing to do with back taxes the park owes. 

Meanwhile Sutterlin told Forever Broadcasting last night he believes the suit is an effort by the park to generate revenue to pay the tax debt.

Representatives of the park were scheduled to meet with Sutterlin’s group tonight at 6 o’clock at the park office to discuss a separate issue.  Sutterlin is inviting the public to attend the meeting, but Pulito says this lawsuit may not even be allowed for discussion at tonight’s meeting.

“The meeting he had scheduled with Park Restoration had something to do with the Kaleigh Belle — that boat that goes from that side of the lake across to the park,” Pulito said.

“I may advise them to stick to the original purpose of the meeting, which was to discuss the Kaleigh Belle, and to have Park Restoration’s attorney contact me at a time that’s mutually convenient for us to meet on this issue.”

The park owes over 850-thousand dollars in back taxes and could face a tax sale if an agreement with Crawford County is not reached by September.

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