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Citizens ask school board to save MARC

Submitted Tue, 03/26/2013 - 8:11am by Andy Alm

MEADVILLE – At last night’s Crawford Central School Board meeting, board members and school officials were entreated to impassioned pleas on behalf of the Meadville Area Recreation Complex, better known as the MARC, asking for just one more year of funding to keep the troubled complex afloat while they come up with a plan for long-term sustainability.

Dennis Finton represents the so-called Citizens Action Team dedicated to funding the MARC.

“If you do use other facilities for tennis, baseball, soccer, and swimming, I ask this respectfully as a taxpayer, how do the taxpayers benefit when that revenue is no longer directed to support the MARC, the facility, and the taxpayers.  How do you board members justify calling those savings?  Please support the MARC for one more year at the current $200,000, and please give our group, the CAT, a chance to try and pull this together,” Finton said.

Another member of that team is Jack Lynch, who is also a Crawford County Commissioner.

“What we have in our community, as taxpayers, as parents, as educators, is something that you cannot replicate by today’s standards.  It’s almost impossible, if we were to start from scratch,” Lynch said.

If nothing changes, Crawford Central is poised to cut funding to the rec complex… funds that account for roughly a quarter of the MARC’s operating budget.  And that could result in some serious changes there, including potentially no swimming pool by next winter.

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