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Abused cat remains hospitalized, hearing continued

Submitted Wed, 05/30/2012 - 6:23am by Andy Alm

An Oil City cat who survived a near drowning and endured some 25 or more shots from a pellet gun is reportedly doing well at a local animal hospital, and his accused torturer will have his first hearing next month.

Sunny, an orange tabby cat, lost one eye and continues to have balance problems because of a ruptured eardrum, but is otherwise well on his way to recovery, according to Lisa Wright, office manager at Happy Trails Animal Hospital in Franklin:

“He is doing very well and recovering.  His recovery has been slow, but he’s definitely progressing.”

Veterinarians began working on Sunny last month, when a Crawford Street resident rescued him from a barrel full of water at a neighbor’s house:

“The girl who rescued him said that when she got to him, he was submerged in water in a cage, so he was just completely tortured from one end to another.”

Wright says animal abuse is a horrifying crime:

“It’s sickening, it really is.  He (Sunny) didn’t do anything to deserve it.  He was just being a cat.  I’m sure he was just wandering through his yard or something, and just being a cat.”

Oil City police charged David Joseph Krawiec with animal cruelty last month.  Court records indicate a preliminary hearing originally scheduled for today has been continued to June 13th.  If convicted, Wright says Krawiec may be forced to pay Sunny’s hospital bills.

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