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UPDATE: Boy gets stolen UPS package back thanks to YOU!

Submitted Wed, 11/28/2012 - 9:13pm by DJ Bo

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word regarding this story.  The boy has got his walker back.  Please share this post to let everyone know that Trent got his walker back!

Here is the post from Debra Hosick on Facebook...

"I want to thank each an everyone of you for sharing our Facebook post. Taking it to the radio stations, sharing it with WICU 12. I also would like to thank DJ BO for his post on the majic web page and the majic Facebook page! Would like to thank Jessica Curry from STAR 104 for contacting Tim and airing our story on the radio!!! Because of all of you we received a phone call at 4:00pm today from Shawn at the UPS store here in Meadville telling us that when he got to work at 3:30pm today Trent's WALKER in the box, was sitting leaned up against the front door! Shawn told us that when the drivers put in that it was delivered to the door, then it usually is! We believe that because all of you shared our post that whoever took it heard about everything going on and returned it!!! There aren't words to explain how happy you all made Trent! When we told him he was going to get his walker today, his face light up so much!!! He was super excited!!! Thank you to everyone that responded in private messages wanted to donate money to help pay for a new one! It is so wonderful to know that people come together when it really counts!! Just to let everyone know forever Broadcasting is coming out to out house to do an interview about the whole story and it will be on the radio! So as soon as i know when it will be one i will be sure to let everyone know, there will be a HUGE THANK YOU sent out to everyone! We just ask one more favor from all of you!! Please share this post so everyone can know that we did receive his walker back!!!"