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Local Crawford County child has UPS package stolen... (A MUST READ STORY)

Submitted Wed, 11/28/2012 - 12:14pm by DJ Bo

Please read this local story and share it with everyone you know.  This story truely makes me very sad, and sick to my stomach.  My hope is for this family to get this package back.

This is from Tim Hosick's facebook page:

"Hi my name is Tim hosick. I am a hard work man with a wife and two kids. That does everything I can to provide for my family. I have a 3 1/2 old son that has spinabifida that is in a wheelchair. He wants nothing more than to be able to walk like the other kids. Which bring me to this post. To the person that took the ups box off of my door step on Monday  (11-26-12) I wish I was there to see your face when you opened it and found a child size walker!! Please bring it back!! Would be smart just to put it back were you got it. Don't bring it to me. Please pass this on, would love it to get to the person that took it."


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Submitted by justme on
Can we all gather up our extra cash and buy this little man a new walker? I can donate fifty dollars. Where can I send it?

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Submitted by DJ Bo on
Currently I do not believe the family is looking for any help. While I believe it would be a GREAT thing to start, the family made it very clear they are not looking for a handout, but rather to get the word out that people are stealing packages. If this changes and a foundation or anything is created, we will let our listeners know right away. ~Bo~